Son Wants to Witness Execution of Mother Who Murdered His Father

Ramandeep Kaur Mann, suffocated her husband with a pillow and then slit his throat and is facing death penalty in India

In a chilling courtroom revelation, Arjun Singh has recounted the horrifying events that transpired in an Indian court. He revealed that he watched in sheer terror as his mother Ramandeep Kaur Mann, suffocated his father with a pillow and then slit his throat, all while her lover, Gurpreet Singh, had struck his father on the head with a hammer.

Arjun Singh

Mann, hailing from Derby, was convicted of her husband Sukhjit Singh's murder during a trip to India in 2016. This shocking incident unfolded after she had served a meal of biryani laced with sedatives to her family, including their two sons, Aaron and Arjun.

Arjun, however, opted not to partake in the meal due to lack of hunger, which left him as the lone witness to the horrific crime that unfolded in the bed beside him. Arjun's compelling testimony in the Shahjahan District Court played a pivotal role in securing his mother's conviction, ultimately resulting in her being sentenced to death.

In an interview with the Mail Online, Arjun, now 17-year-old, expressed his lack of sympathy for Mann and his eagerness to witness her execution, a punishment that typically involves hanging in India. He stated, "I would like to be there when it happens. It doesn't fill me with fear; in fact, it would give me a lot of satisfaction and relief, and I look forward to that day. I would like all my family to be there with me. I would like to see with my own eyes that justice for my father has been served. She deserves to hang because she did such an evil thing."

Arjun further conveyed that he and his brother Aaron believe Mann "stopped being a mother to us the moment she murdered our father" and deems her as "evil."

It is believed that Mann and her lover aimed to gain control of Sukhjit's substantial fortune, which included a life insurance policy worth £2 million, two homes, and £100,000 in a bank account.

Gurpreet Singh, who had been working in Dubai, was a childhood friend of the victim and rekindled a romantic relationship with Mann after losing contact with the family for several years. He admitted to the crime, providing a detailed account of how it transpired to the police. However, he received a sentence of life imprisonment and a fine of INR 300,000 (£3,000) instead of the death penalty.