Software engineer builds iPhone 6s with spare parts from China

Scotty Allen has built a 16GB iPhone 6s, using aftermarket components from Huaqiangbei in China.

iPhone 6s built in China
Software engineer builds iPhone 6s with spare parts from China

A former software engineer named Scotty Allen has successfully built an iPhone 6s using spare parts purchased in China, after his ambitious quest lead him to various local Chinese markets such as Huaqiangbei, where most mobile-phone spares are easily available.

Allen has crafted a new 16GB iPhone 6s from scratch by assembling individual components such as logicboard, Touch ID sensor, battery, display assembly and the case. He has made his feat known to the public through his recent post on Reddit, wherein he explains the challenges, effort and time he spent on this project as he had to shell out upwards of $1,000 in components and tools to get the handset ready.

Although Allen had used just around $300 worth of components in building his iPhone 6s, he admits wasting lots of money due to breakage of several components during the assembling process, besides ending up purchasing unnecessary tools.

Allen also explains that his quest to build an iPhone 7 did not materialise as its components are extremely difficult to procure.

Users who are in interested in such DIY projects may check out Allen's personal video (below) showcasing the various aspects of assembling an iPhone 6s: