Society6 Removes Artist from Platform Over Racist Cotton-Picking Video After Popular TikToker Identifies Her from the Moles on Her Hand

The artist posted a TikTok video of herself picking cotton by hand while saying, "I really don't understand what the big deal is. It's not even that hard."

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An artist has been removed from the online marketplace Society6 over a racist cotton-picking video she posted on TikTok after a popular TikTok activist identified her from the moles on her hand.

Earlier this week, popular TikTok user Denise Bradley who goes by the handle @auntkaren and has a reputation for exposing racist individuals on the platform, shared a video posted by a user named @art_antonym, dubbing her the "Racist of the day."

"It's Not Even That Hard'

Savanna Gustafson
A still from the video shared on TikTok and Savanna Gustafson (right) TikTok

"I really don't understand what the big deal is," the TikTok user says as she pulls out a clump of cotton from the boll of a cotton crop in the video. "It's not even that hard." She captioned the clip, "Bunch of complainers."

Although the woman's face is not seen in the video, Bradley still managed to track her down with the only vital piece of evidence she had – the two moles on her right hand.

With some help from her followers, Bradley found a now-deleted alternate account under the handle @toadgooberstein, which included videos of the user painting artworks. Bradley browsed through the videos and in one of the clips, she noticed the artist had two moles in the exact same spot as the woman in the cotton-picking video.

Bradley further pointed out how the artist had also liked and made racist remarks in the comments section of the video and had a Society6 page. Society6 is a platform that allows independent artists to display and sell their artwork on their website. The initials on her artwork and some "Google magic" helped identify the TikTok user as a woman named Savanna Gustafson. Watch the video below:

Society6 Removes Gustafson from Their Website

After a Twitter user drew the company's attention to Gustafson's racist video, Society6 said it does not tolerate hate or racism before adding that the artist had been removed from the website.

"Though Society6 is an open platform, we do not tolerate hate or racism and have removed this artist from our site," the company tweeted, "Our mission at Society6 is to inspire and empower through art and design and we will not stand for hate in any form."