Smart speakers can now spice up your sex life: Here's how

Couples are using Google Home devices and Alexa-enabled smart speakers to boost their sex life in interesting ways

When you and your partner are busy scrolling through your Instagram / Facebook feed, or binge-watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix, it's hard to find the time to get intimate. However, not every piece of technology is a mood-killer as some users have found out that Google Home devices are actually helping couples revive their sex lives.

'Hey Google, activate sexy time'

One such user is Gillian Sisley who recently shared via Mamamia how the smart speaker has given her sex life a boost with the help of a feature that not many people know about. Sisley explained how she has pre-programmed shortcuts to set the mood on her Google Home device to trigger a sequence of tasks when she says, "Hey Google, activate sexy time." These include turning on some sex-friendly background music and other naughty add-ons like dimming the bedroom lights.

google home

"The lights changed to a warm purple, and a sultry but hip playlist began quietly playing in the background, all while I threw on some deodorant, sprayed a touch of perfume, and brushed my teeth," she noted. "In the nick of time, I was at the front door, greeting my husband in an immediate, passionate embrace that had us speeding right back upstairs to the bedroom."

Another Google Home feature that can spice up your sex life is the ability to connect two Google Home devices, allowing you to whisper things to your partner in the living room from the bedroom and invite them over for some fun.

Alexa-enabled sex toys

The Lush Bluetooth-enabled egg vibrator from Lovense. Lovense

Amazon's Alexa-enabled smart speakers also are being commandeered by randy users as part of their kinky sex games. Users are connecting their vibrators and other sex toys to the devices, allowing to control them using voice commands.

The popular sexual wellness brands like Lovense and OhMiBod have products that come with Alexa support, allowing the user to control the toys remotely using an app o via voice commands.

For instance, you could ask Alexa to please your partner with their egg vibrator and your spouse will be in for a sudden but pleasant surprise.

These Bluetooth-enabled devices can be used for remote intimacy, allowing both partners to be involved in play even if they're separated by long distances. This is particularly useful in relationships where one or both partners travel a lot or live a great distance away from each other, the creators explain.