Six Singaporeans arrested for illegal horse betting activities

Police have arrested six Singaporeans for alleged horse betting activities

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Police have arrested six Singaporeans for alleged horse betting activities. The law authorities confirmed the news stating that the arrest took place on Sunday, and that police have seized cash worth S$3,500 and a list of documents including betting records.

Details of the incident

According to Police officials, the suspects were nabbed during an operation at Block 65, Circuit Road. All the people who were arrested are males aged between 54 and 76. All the details regarding the identities of the arrested people are kept under the wraps by the police.

Betting has become common in areas surrounding circuit road, and Officers from the Criminal Investigation Department have conducted several in the locality before arresting the suspects.

Police officials have made it clear that six of the arrested suspects are believed to be performing various betting roles including punters, bookmakers, and runners. Three out of the six people arrested will be charged in court on Wednesday. Police are investigating further about the remaining three people before submitting them to the court.

Punishment for betting in Singapore

According to Singapore rules, a person who is found guilty of betting with a bookmaker will be fined up to S$5000 or imprisonment for six months or both.

On the other hand, people involved in bookmaking will be fined between $2,000 to $20,000, and will get imprisonment up to five years.