NASA hiding evidence of alien existence? Footage of mysterious fireball sparks claim

Conspiracy theorists believe that the fireball footage captured from the ISS is originally an alien mothership, and NASA is well aware of extra-terrestrial life

alien ship
YouTube video Screenshot: Secure Team 10

Conspiracy theorists all around the world have been accusing NASA of covering up the existence of aliens for many years, and now they have exposed a rock solid evidence to substantiate their claims.

A YouTube channel named 'Secureteam10' has posted a video shot by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, featuring a fireball flying near the International Space Station (ISS). The narrator of this video claims that this fireball is actually an alien ship.

Meteor or alien mothership?

After the release of the footage, many experts said that there is nothing alien-ish about the video and the shooting light is merely a meteor traveling through space. But conspiracy theorists are not ready to believe it, and they claim that a meteor will not travel at such a slow speed. They strongly believe that the fireball is not a celestial object but an alien UFO, which came to visit the ISS.

While astronauts are saying that the glowing fireball is either space debris or a speeding meteor, Tyler Glockner, who runs 'Secureteam10', is not ready to believe these claims and says 'the tail', which is the most noted characteristic of the meteor, is missing.

Blame it all on NASA

According to conspiracy theorists, NASA, the world's leading space agency is intentionally covering up everything that is related to aliens, UFO, the existence of Planet X and chemtrails. Earlier, a well-known conspiracy theorist named Matt Rogers has alleged that all the Governments and NASA are well aware of Nibiru's existence, but they are intentionally not disclosing it fearing public panic. He also believes that Governments are spraying chemtrails in the sky to hide the visibility of Nibiru.

Well known Christian numerologist David Meade who predicted the arrival of Planet X also shares a similar belief. According to Meade, NASA knows everything, but the space agency is not revealing anything to the general public. Meade also made it clear that the inevitable world end has already begun, and since October 15, the entire planet is going through a seven-year tribulation period where we will witness nuclear war and natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

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