SISTAR reveals future plans: Soyu hints the group may get back together

Soyu stated, "There is no problem among us nor are we ending on a bad term. We all hope to come together in the future"

After seven years, girl group SISTAR decided to disband, which came as a shock to all their fans. During their final promotions as a group is in process, SISTAR gave an interview and shared about their future.

According to AllkPop, after disbanding, all the members are discussing their individual steps with Starship Entertainment.

Soyu even hinted that the group may be back together stating, "There is no problem among us nor are we ending on a bad term. We all hope to come together in the future".

Each of the members after the announcement of their disbanding wrote notes to the fans stating that they are sad but it's time for them continue on a new path but they promise to entertain their fans and hope that the fans would be by their side like they were for all these seven years.

Hyorin highlighting the same point stated in the recent interview, "We have yet to decide on any individual promotions, and I think this will be a good time for us put in as much effort as possible toward our personal goals. We promised our fans we will continue to be the best as we can be in our own areas and continue to grow."

While sharing about the past, Hyorin said, "In the past, when we were asked what our most memorable moment was, we answered, 'Our very first concert'. However, I don't think that's the case anymore. I think it's now. I don't think we've ever been praised as much as now. Many have told us 'Thank you' and the positive feedback made me realize 'Wow, I'm really blessed to be given all this love'".

In other news, the group finally released the much-anticipated music video for their final track "Lonely". They are also preparing for a special goodbye for their fans. According to Starship Entertainment as cited by Soompi, "SISTAR is preparing a medley of all of their hit tracks for their appearance on Mnet's "M!Countdown" on June 1."