Singaporeans among world's least satisfied drivers, study finds

The 3rd Waze Driver Satisfaction Index 2017 reveals that Singaporean motorists are among the least satisfied in the world.

Google-owned GPS navigation service Waze has released the third annual global Driver Satisfaction Index and found out that Singaporean motorists are among the least satisfied in the world. In contrast, Singapore has been ranked to have one of the best driving services.

Singaporeans are said to be unhappy with their driving experience around the city-state. Waze's index ranks Singapore as the 30th happiest country for drivers or 10th from the bottom. Traffic jam length and commute time have been cited as the primary reasons for the driving dissatisfaction.

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Among other Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia has better driving conditions for motorists, securing the 21st spot. Meanwhile, Indonesia ranks 36th while the Philippines ranks 39th, the worst place for drivers.

In terms of the best driving services, Singapore is among the top five countries due to its efficient access to gas stations and easy parking.

The Netherlands, meanwhile, grabs the top spot for the best place to be a driver due to its prime traffic conditions, road quality and infrastructure. In general, Europe has the most satisfied motorists around the world with 8 countries in the top 10, including France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden and Hungary.

The Waze Driver Satisfaction Index is an annual review of the best and worst places around the world to be a driver. Gathered data come from the top 39 countries with the highest number of Waze users and 217 metros. The app now more than 65 million active users in 185 countries.

The index ranks Waze users' experience based on a scale from 1 to 10 to determine how satisfied or dissatisfied they are in six key aspects, as follows:

1. Traffic: density and severity of traffic
2. Quality: road quality and infrastructure
3. Road Safety: density of reported accidents, road hazards, and weather
4. Driver Services: access to gas stations and easy parking
5. Socioeconomic: access to cars and impact of gas prices
6. Wazeyness: happiness and helpfulness of the Waze Community

Read the 2017 Waze Driver Satisfaction Index here.