YouTuber Dee Kosh Refutes Sexual harassment Allegations, Says Will 'Clear All This Up'

Dee Kosh has sent a cease-and-desist letter to one of the persons who leveled sexual harassment allegations against him.

Singaporean DJ and YouTuber Dee Kosh took to Instagram to refute charges of sexual harassment against him. He said that he would be taking the necessary steps to clear the charges. This comes after at least four persons on Twitter alleged that Dee Kosh had sought sexual favors from them, a charge the YouTuber has denied. Dee Kosh has also sent a cease-and-desist letter to one of the accusers who had leveled sexual harassment allegations against him.

Following the allegations, Dee Kosh's employer Power 98 FM, where he works part time, announced that Dee Kosh was sent on leave. "POWER 98 does not tolerate any form of harassment. Dee Kosh is currently on leave," the company said in a statement. Meanwhile an attorney at DC Law firm told Yahoo News that it was no longer representing Kosh.

Dee Kosh
Dee Kosh is a popular DJ and YouTuber of Singapore. Instagram
Dee Kosh IG
Dee Kosh reacted to allegations against him and took to Instagram to speak his mind. Instagram

Dee Kosh was earlier slammed on social media after allegations of sexual harassment were leveled against him by some netizens. The YouTube celebrity was being criticized for targeting minors. Dee Kosh reacted to the allegations on Instagram and said that he will clear his name.

Twitter user @_epaul said that Kosh had harassed him sexually after promising to recruit him to his channel. The 'victim' is receiving support from netizens as several others are opening up about their experiences and have accused Dee Kosh of sexually harassing them. The YouTuber is accused of wooing boys under the pretext of recruiting them into his channel.

Explaining about how Dee Kosh harassed him online, Twitter user @_epaul said that he was just trying to be nice to him while rejecting his offer. "I said I don't mind being friends just to be nice but he emphasized on how the arrangement must involve sex. The disturbing part is how persistent and manipulative he is about it. The fact that he tries this on younger kids too and uses his management as a way to entice them is just sick and it's borderline grooming," said Twitter user Praveen.

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Netizens claim that at least four persons have spoken about Dee Kosh harassing them. They are demanding the shutting down of his YouTube channel and social media accounts. Twitterati also criticized people for subscribing to Dee Kosh's channels when he has repeatedly been accused of sexually harassing men.

Clarification For Racist Comments From Dee Kosh

In June 2020, Dee Kosh was slammed for his older videos and messages where he was found insulting people of African heritage. The DJ later apologized for his earlier works where he had used the N-word. Netizens started sharing Dee Kosh's posts tweeted in 2013 using the derogatory term to refer to African-Americans.

"I didn't know the gravity of the word. I used to very openly use the N-word because I grew up listening to a lot of Black songs, I grew up with Black culture. There were some tweets that were pulled up from way back and I've already apologized for them because I was ignorant," said Dee Kosh, reacting to his racist tweets.

This article was first published on August 16, 2020