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Harvey Weinstein's list of accusers is increasing day by day. Two actors from Singapore, Ase Wang and Caitanya Tan, have accused Weinstein of propositioning them. Their statements have revealed details of Weinstein's private parties and his attitude towards women seeking advancement in their career.

Weinstein's history of sexual misconduct opened up a month ago, following which several A-list actresses have accused him of misconduct, including Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.

Recently, Singaporean actress Ashe Wang, known for her movies Prince and Me 4, Shambala, and Rooms, opened up about her encounter with Harvey Weinstein. She said that the incident happened in 2007 during Weinstein's visit to Bangkok for a movie shoot.

Wang and a few other actresses were invited to have dinner with the Hollywood producer, during which he asked her what kind of men she liked. While Wang tried to ignore his proposition, Weinstein went on to say that she should "try white guys." It didn't end at this. Wang also received a call the next day, to dine with Weinstein again.

"At that point, I had to be honest and say 'I'm not into that kind of stuff," said Wang, as reported by Coconuts Singapore. She also expressed her apprehension after the Hollywood honcho's assistant asked her if she could send any friend instead.

Wang has made it clear that Weinstein's reputation as a sexual predator dates long before the accusations came to the forefront, and everyone in Hollywood was aware of it. She also says that his staff is trained to cater to his sexual appetite. It is her belief that there are several big personalities in Hollywood similar to Weinstein, but have not been exposed yet.

Another Singaporean actress, Caitanya Tan, has also opened up her experience with Weinstein, which occurred during the fifth Asian Film Award in Hong Kong, 2011. She met him on the red carpet and posed for pictures with him, after which he enquired if she was an actress. The Tanglin star said yes and was asked to come to his room to read some movie scripts. When she declined, he said, "Do you know who I am? Do you know I can make you very famous?"

Tan says that she is not a victim, yet she spoke up as it is important for people to know, reports The New Paper.

Tan and Wang are not the only ones to speak out about their encounters lately. A grave confession has come up from Norwegian actress Natassia Malthe in a New York news conference where she said that Weinstein assaulted her sexually in a hotel room in London after BAFTA in 2008. She was then working as a spokesperson for LG.

Malthe said the producer pounded on her door repeatedly at night and after entering the room, talked to her implying that she would get a movie role if she had sex with him.

"I was sitting on the bed talking to Harvey when he pushed me back and forced himself on me, it was not consensual. I was completely grossed out. I believe that I disassociated during the time that he was having sex with me. I laid still and closed my eyes and just wanted it to end. I was like a dead person. Afterwards, I lay there in complete disgust," she confessed. Weinstein sent her a movie script the next day, but she didn't take it up.

While the accusations keep coming from all quarters, Weinstein's spokesperson stated that Weinstein "unequivocally" denies "any allegations of non-consensual sex."