Hollywood comedian James Corden shamed for insensitive jokes on Weinstein's deeds

Hollywood comedian James Corden trolled for his insensitive jokes on Weinstein at a charity event on Friday night in Los Angeles.

Actor James Corden poses at the 2017 Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California
James Corden Reuters

American TV host and presenter James Corden apologised for his insensitive jokes on Harvey Weinstein, which were widely considered to be in poor taste, that too at a charity show.

The jokes were cracked at an event on Friday night in Los Angeles, of which Corden was master of ceremonies. The event was a gala for amfAR, a foundation for Aids research. The presenter's comments during the speech were lambasted by Rose McGowan and Asia Argento, who have both accused Weinstein of sexual assault.

The two women took to Twitter to shame Corden for his lack of respect and empathy for Weinstein's victims. McGowan called him a "piglet" and criticized Bollywood of being hypocritic and promoting rape culture. Italian actor Asia Argento tweeted, "Shame on the pig and everyone who grunted with him."

The footage of Corden's speech was posted on Twitter by Chris Gardner, a journalist at the Hollywood Reporter. Following that, several people on Twitter raised their voice against Corden's insensitivity.

Following the backlash, Corden also took to Twitter to clarify his stand on the Weinstein matter. He stated that his jokes were meant to be offensive to Weinstein, not his victims.

At the event, Corden had included Weinstein references in several of his jokes, inviting audible groans from the audience. He described the night as "so beautiful, Harvey Weinstein has already asked tonight up to his hotel to give him a massage," reported The Guardian.

In response to the groans from the audience, Corden said, ""I don't know whether that groan was that you liked that joke or you don't like that joke. If you don't like that joke you should probably leave now."

Corden's comments have invited public wrath against his show and CBS, the channel that broadcasts 'The Late Late Show' with James Corden. McGowan has urged the channel to donate to a women's charity to prove where their loyalties lie.

Corden has previously worked with Weinstein on the film, One Chance, and is believed to have a cordial relationship with him.