Singaporean actress Julie Tan pranks her fans with engagement photo

Julie Tan borrowed solitaire clad picture from friend to post on social media on Fools' day.

Malaysia-born Singaporean actress Julie Tan, who amazed her fans by posting a picture of a ring clad finger on social media, is reportedly not engaged.

In a recent press conference for her upcoming show "My First School, the actress revealed that the picture (which she deleted later) was of her friend's hand and she posted it just out of fun on April Fools' Day, April 1.

When asked about her prank and the solitaire in her finger, the actress sarcastically questioned her fans and media,

"Were you guys startled by it?"

"Those who know me well will know that the hand is not mine, cos' I'm in the middle of filming Peace and Prosperity, and I can't do my nails right now", the actress added.

Giving the details of the picture and the solitaire, Tan revealed that the photograph belongs to her friend, and she borrowed it from her just to play around with her fans.

The actress also stated that before she put the photograph on the social media, she sent it to her celebrity friends to see their reactions.

As per the reports on Toggle, "the actress purposely sent the picture without any caption to her onscreen sisters, Belinda Lee and Dawn Yeoh." And both of the ladies "even came up to her personally and congratulated her, asking how her boyfriend proposed to her."

Talking about fooling her manager, the actor added, "I sent the picture over to her with no caption as well and she went, 'Huh? Getting married already ah? So this one do we release to media or do you want it hush-hush?'" she said while passing a grin to her manager.