Julie Tan and Xiang Yun to play mother-daughter again in upcoming series

Both the actresses affirmed that the "audiences might be confused" because of the same characters on both the shows.

Singapore's channel 8 is all set to provide its audience with a double dose of on screen mother- daughter duo Xiang Yun and Julie Tan tomorrow onwards.

The actresses, who are currently playing mother and daughter in the drama series "Peace and Prosperity," will be seen playing "almost same yet different" characters in the new weekly pre - school series, "My First School."

In a recent press conference of the upcoming educator drama series, both the actresses affirmed that the "audiences might be confused" because of their similar characters on both the shows.

"Our hairstyles are pretty much the same in the two dramas," Xiang Yun asserted with a laugh as per The New Paper.

"Also, coincidentally, I play a single mum in both shows. We had only a week or so of rest in between the two dramas," she added.

Xiang Yun plays the matriarch who owns Chinese Medicine Hall in "Peace and Prosperity." while her role in "My First school" is more of someone who "doesn't allow her kids to follow their dreams."

Meanwhile, Julie Tan who plays an angst-ridden character stated that her role in the upcoming drama is more cheerful and bubbly. Talking about the similarities in characters and roles of both the shows, the 23 year-old added, "Though I think some viewers might be momentarily confused, they should still be able to tell our characters apart."

"The personalities of our characters in the two shows are extremely different."

The actress also asserted that she and Xiang Yun share a great chemistry, which is getting better day by day.

"Of course, my on-screen chemistry with Xiang Yun became even better the second time round", Tan added flaunting her uniquely embezzled dress.

"My First school" premieres tomorrow on Singapore's Channel 8 at 8 pm.