Singapore: Wheelchair-bound elderly woman found dead in flat with throat slit

The 77-year-old woman, identified as Madam Tay Quee Lang had her throat slashed with a knife.

Singapore police
Picture for representation Reuters

Singapore police have discovered the dead body of an elderly woman from the living room of a fifth-floor flat at Block 276, Tampines Street 22. However, no arrests has been made and police have ordered an investigation into the matter.

According to reports, authorities were alerted about the incident at 2.10pm, following which officers rushed to the spot. The 77-year-old woman, who was later identified as Madam Tay Quee Lang, was announced dead at the scene by paramedics.

The Straits Times reported that the victim's 28-year-old neighbour, engineer Ashaari Hasan Basri, knew something was wrong when he heard a maid shouting. "She was crying and shouting 'Ah Ma' (Hokkien for grandmother) from inside the unit, so I rushed over. She looked lost and only told me that 'Ah Ma' had slashed herself with a knife," said Ashaari, as reported. When he peeped through a window, he saw Madam Tay sitting in her wheelchair with her throat slashed. "There was also blood on the floor and on her clothes," Ashaari added.

While questioning the neighbours, police leant that the victim was living in the four-room unit with her husband, who is in his 70s, for over 30 years. They appointed the Indonesian maid only last month. Her husband, Mr Tan was out for a routine check-up at the hospital when the incident happened and returned only after police arrived at the scene.

Ashaari described the couple as kind-hearted, loving and friendly and said they enjoyed going out together. His mother, Madam Ainon Ali, said Madam Tay suffered a stroke three year ago and became partially paralysed thereafter. "Her husband used to take her down to do some exercises, but they stopped doing so after (she fell and had to be in a wheelchair)," said madam Ainon, as reported.