Radhika Angara: Tree in Singapore Botanic Gardens crashes killing Mastercard employee

Radhika worked as Regional Digital Marketing Head for Asia Pacific in the company.

Singapore Botanic Gardens accident victim identified as Radhika Angara
YouTube grab

The 38-year-old woman who was killed in the tragic Singapore Botanic Gardens accident on Saturday has been identified as an Indian national who was an employee of MasterCard, named Radhika Angara.

Radhika worked as Regional Digital Marketing Head for Asia Pacific in the company and lived with her French Husband and twin children in the central part of Singapore. The accident happened after an enormous 270-year-old tembusu tree suddenly crashed down at the garden.

Radhika, who was at the scene with her family, got crushed under the tree. Her 39-year-old husband Jerome Rouch-Sirech, who is as the head of retail for sportswear brand Puma Southeast Asia, and children also received injuries and were rushed to National University Hospital. Another 26-year-old female Singaporean, identified as Tay Pei Lei, was also injured in the accident. However, all four victims have been discharged from the hospital.

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MasterCard released as statement saying that Radhika was "a rising star in her field" and the company is working to extend support for her grieving family through its employee assistance fund. "She had an energy and warmth that won her the respect of her peers and managers alike," said MasterCard senior vice president for Asia Pacific communications, Georgette Tan, as reported.

The deceased's former employer, Fastacash, also described her as "an inspirational leader who garnered huge respect from all whom knew her". "Radhika was always there to support colleagues through the Fastacash journey and will be deeply missed. Our condolences and deepest sympathies go to her family at this sad time," said the company's CEO Mark Carter.

Jerome's employer Puma also released an official statement to extend condolences to the family. "We have extended our deepest sympathies to Jerome on the passing of his wife, and are committed to offering full support to the family during this difficult time," said the company.

Meanwhile, National Parks Board (NParks) is investigating the reason that made the tree collapse. They said that they inspected the tree, including its root collar, anchoring roots, crown and trunk, last September and it was healthy. The tree was even protected by a lightning conductor and had a fence all around it to prevent visitors from compaction its root zone.

"We have completed a detailed check of all the trees in Palm Valley and they are safe. We are also in the midst of conducting more checks for trees in the vicinity of the Palm Valley (such as the Rainforest) and all the Heritage Trees in the Gardens," said the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation at NParks, Dr Leong Chee Chiew, in a statement.