Singapore: PUB expects high tides on Saturday; issues flash floods warning

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Singapore's national water agency PUB said in an advisory on Friday that a higher than usual tide level of 3.4m is expected on Saturday. It added that if the high tide coincides with heavy rainfall it may lead to flash floods.

PUB expects the tide at around 12.45 pm and said that the tide levels of 3m and above are considered higher than normal. "During the high tide periods, canals and drains which lead to the sea and are therefore influenced by tides, will see high water levels. Seawater may also overflow from the drains and flood the roads," the advisory said.

According to PUB, flash floods may occur in low-lying coastal areas in the eastern part of Singapore such as Jalan Seaview, Meyer Road, Fort Road and Tanjong Rhu if it rains heavily along with high tide.

Singapore will witness higher than usual tides for the second time in two days. On Friday noon, the tide level of 3.44m caused seawater to flow through the roadside drain onto the junction of Amber Road and Mountbatten Road.

PUB said that the water levels on the affected stretch of road subsided at about 1 pm.

"We advise the public to exercise care should flash floods occur, and avoid stepping into or driving into any flooded areas," PUB said.

For further update regarding high tide and flash floods, the public can visit the official Facebook page of PUB and MyWaters app.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Singapore experienced an unusual weather with hail stones falling in several parts of the state.

On Jan 24, flash floods were reported in the Western and Central parts of Singapore after heavy rain. PUB had said that flash floods had occurred in two locations, including Jalan Boon Lay/International Road and Craig Road.

In a recent weather forecast, the National Environment Agency (NEA) had said that Singapore will witness overcast and windy conditions with periods of moderate to heavy rainfall in coming weeks. The daily temperature is expected to range between 22º Centigrade and 28º C. The north-east monsoon that the country is experiencing at present is expected to last till March.

This article was first published on February 2, 2018
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