Singapore police warns public about misusing boarding pass: What is the penalty?

changi airport
Passengers walk in Singapore's Changi Airport Terminal 3 on 17 August 2016 Edgar Su/File Photo/Reuters

After repeated incidents of boarding pass misuse, Singapore police has issued a warning against such cases. In a Facebook post on Thursday, the authorities said that a total of 92 people were arrested last year for misusing their boarding passes.

"They both had no intention to depart Singapore," the police said in the post.

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"The police would like to remind all passengers that the transit areas of Changi Airport are gazetted as protected places and passengers who enter the transit areas with a boarding pass should only be there for the purpose of travelling to their next destinations," the post added.

Earlier this week, a 20-year-old woman was arrested after she bought an air ticket to meet a Korean boyband in the transit area of Changi Airport.

Another 23-year-old woman was arrested in a similar incident. According to the police, she had used her air ticket to shop at the stores in the airport's transit area.

Last year in July, police arrested a man for misusing his boarding pass at the transit area of Changi Airport. The police warned the public that those who will be entering transit areas with a boarding pass, "should only be there for the purpose of travelling to their next destinations".

They added that those who misuse their boarding pass to enter these areas may be fined S$1,000, jailed two years or both.

In April 2017, two teenage students were arrested for buying plane tickets to meet Korean hip-hop star Simon Dominic in the transit area.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, a 25-year-old man was arrested by the police for riding his motorcycle into Changi Airport's Terminal 2.

Changi Airport authorities are planning to take some serious measures to prevent such security lapses in future. However, the authorities believed that the man did not have any sort of malicious intent when he rode into the hall of the airport.

This article was first published on February 2, 2018