Singapore police arrested man for recording obscene video of SIM student inside ladies' toilet

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Man arrested in Singapore (Representational picture)

Police arrested a 21-year-old man on Saturday, July 23 for allegedly recording a video of a woman, who was in a ladies' toilet at the campus of Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). The accused will face a charge for insulting the modesty of a woman.

The victim of this case, Liyin Lee, who is a student of SIM, shared this incident through a Facebook post to let other female students know about this accused.

In that post, she wrote that when she was inside the ladies' toilet on the fourth floor of the campus, she saw that a guy was holding a camera phone above her and was recording the scene. The post also added that after noticing the 21-year-old unnamed man, she left the toilet and was waiting outside with a friend, whom she asked to come immediately.

Liyin also wrote that the man took a while to come out of the toilet and also pretended to flush the toilet twice. But, as soon as he came out the victim and her friend interrogated him. They asked, "Why was he in the female toilet and he said that he had a stomach ache and went into the wrong toilet accidentally."

As per the post, Liyin stated that even after confronting the accused, he continued to defend himself and was dying to commit such crime, until they decided to call the police. Both of them even asked the man "where was his class and he said level two, but we were at level 4. So how did he accidentally go into a female toilet at level 4, while having a stomach ache with his class being at level 2?"

Later, when police came and investigated the matter, they told the victim that it was not his first offence. Further investigation is going on.

However, this not the first case when an accused was caught red-handed while filming an obscene video inside an educational institution. While in March, a student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) found a hidden camera inside a ladies' toilet, a trainee teacher faced a jail term for using his mobile phone to record student's obscene acts inside NTU's hostel toilet.

This article was first published on July 22, 2018
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