Singapore: Hidden camera inside NTU ladies toilet frightens student

Hidden camera inside NTU ladies toilet
Hidden camera inside NTU ladies toilet (Representational picture) Reuters & YouTube grab

A female student found a hidden camera inside the toilet of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) on Thursday, March 1. While using the facility, she noticed a black object, looked like a hook was placed above the ventilator of the washroom.

According to reports, a cleaner of that institution said that a horrified woman came to him on Thursday and told about the pinhole camera.

The restroom is located in the Basement 1 of the Humanities & Social Sciences building. Even though it was built for disabled people, usually other female students and staff of NTU also use the toilet when the main ladies washroom is occupied.

The student, who is persuing her second year in English at NTU, asked to call the police immediately. At around 5 pm on Thursday, NTU authority called the police to investigate the case of 'insulting the modesty of women along Nanyang Drive'.

When the police arrived, they found a camera with an SD card. They immediately removed it and took the camera with them for further investigation, as they need to know whether the camera was containing any multimedia files or not.

In a similar incident, a trainee teacher by name Mitchell Low Tian Wei was arrested earlier for using his phone to record student's obscene acts inside Nanyang Technological University (NTU) hostel toilet.

When the accused was in his third year at NTU, he used his phone for over eight months to record those videos of men inside the restroom. The crime came under the spotlight when a 22-year-old student while taking a shower found that a green colour mobile phone was recording his activity.

If someone is found guilty of insulting the modesty of women, the convict will be sentenced up to one year of imprisonment, or with fine, or with both under Penal Code section 509,.

This article was first published on March 4, 2018