Singapore: Police arrest 2 men after Bedok clinic theft on Sunday

House breaking and theft case in Singapore
House breaking and theft case in Singapore (Representational picture) Pixabay

Singapore police arrested two men on Sunday, July 8 after they illegally entered into a Bedok clinic and allegedly stole cash as well as medicines.

Police said in a statement on Sunday night that they were alerted to the incident at around 5.26 am. After an initial investigation, they located those two individuals and at around 5.40 Bedok Police Division officers managed to arrest the first accused near the clinic.

Later police said that, at around 4 pm, they spotted the second alleged criminal, who was arrested from Yishun Ring Road.

Police said both the alleged accused, aged between 30 and 32, will be charged in court with theft by night that took place at a clinic in Bedok North Street 3.

As per Singapore Section 447 Penal Code, if a person commits house-breaking after 7 pm and before 7 am, then it will be considered as "house-breaking by night" case.

The law for this criminal activity stated that if the person found guilty of "housebreaking by night, having made preparation for causing hurt to any person, or for assaulting any person, or for wrongfully restraining any person, or for putting any person in fear of hurt or of assault or of wrongful restraint," then he has to face a jail term, which will be minimum 2 years and maximum 14 years, including canning.

However, to avoid such incidents police advised the citizen to adopt required precautions such as securing doors and windows with grills, installing alert alarms as well as CCTV cameras, which would help the officers to investigate if such criminal offence takes place.

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