Singapore: Man faces 5 years of corrective training for offences include using stun gun and spitting on police

The 24-year-old convict had a history of several offences such as theft and rioting.

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Mentally ill man sent to jail
Man receives punishment for committing several offences (Representational Picture) Reuters

The Singapore court found a 24-year-old man guilty for committing a series of offences, including using a harmful weapon illegally and spitting at an on-duty police officer. The judge sentenced him to five years of corrective training, as well as eight strokes of the cane and a fine of S$4,000 on Wednesday.

As reported, the accused Sivakandesh committed those offences after his release from the prison for a different crime. On Wednesday, he was sentenced on the basis of seven charges and another six were taken into consideration.

The first offence took place in August 2006, when police officers spotted the accused at Northpoint City shopping mall in Yishun after receiving a complaint that Sivakandesh had a stun gun with him. But, when the officers walked to catch him, the convict dropped the weapon on the grass patch. Later, when police asked him to show his identification details he walked away and attempted to escape from the location, as those officers were following him.

On the same day, the officers managed to catch Sivakandesh but, when they tried to arrest him, the accused suddenly hit on policeman's nose with his palm. Two months later, the man was arrested by the police for his suspected involvement in criminal activities. The officers nabbed him at Hotel Rendezvous in Bras Basah. At that time of the arrest, the accused was out on court bail for his previous offence.

Even after the arrest, Sivakandesh showed vulgar gestures and spat on the face of a police officer while going to the Police Cantonment Complex.

Later, in January 2017, when he was again out on court bail, the accused did not stop his criminal activities. Reports stated that he stole a purse from a Mercedes Benz, which was unlocked. The theft took place at a car park at Block 624, Yishun Ring Road and Sivakandesh found almost a total of cash S$90 and a sunglass worth about S$150.

Prior to that theft, the local police had already received reports on public disturbance of that area. The police found Sivakandesh inside the Mercedes and asked him to show his particulars. While the accused gave the name card of the car owner and a passport belonging, which was not his.

This time, even though he tried to restrict the police proceedings, officers put a handcuff on his hand. When he was struggling to escape, somehow he managed to ta a stun gun, which the man bought online. After the search, police also found an 8 ½ cm long.

In 2008, the man was first sentenced to 15 months' in probation for public nuisance offence. Then in 2012 he pleaded guilty to violence related to several offences and was sentenced to reformative training.

Within two weeks after his release in November 2014, he committed the offence of voluntarily causing hurt with dangerous weapons or means. As a result, Sivakandesh had to face two years of the prison sentence, including 12 strokes of the cane. He came out of the prison in July 2016.

On Wednesday, the lawyer of the convict, Sivakandesh urged the court the minimize the penalties and sought for a jail term up to three years and two months, including a fine of S$5,000 and six strokes of the cane.

This article was first published on June 20, 2018