Singapore Minister asks public to wage war against drug abuse

Through his Facebook post, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam asked Singaporeans to continue their battle against drug abuse

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Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam, on Saturday, asked Singaporeans to continue the battle against drug abuse. Through his Facebook post, he made it clear that people who take a lenient stance on drugs are not seeing the wider consequences of substance abuse.

Sensible words

The comments from the minister came soon after a drug user, who fractured the skull of his 10-year-old baby, received jail and caning. As per reports, the culprit shoved the baby's head into the wall in an angry state after he found that there is no money with him to buy drugs.

"We need to continue to wage war against drug abuse. It is not just the drug traffickers and abusers we have to think about. As this case shows, there are many truly innocent victims," said Shanmugam on his Facebook post.

Though the statistics of drug abusers are available with the government, the number of indirect sufferers including children and other family members of the addicts is much more, said Shanmugam reminding people that the drugs will destroy the family and life of the abuser entirely.

The death penalty row

Recently, many people started a campaign to stall the death penalty given to drug traffickers in Singapore. K Shanmugam, during his speech at the Asia-Pacific Forum Against Drugs, lashed out at these people and said that this group is not focusing on the larger problem. The minister said that thousands of lives are getting ruined as a result of drug abuse.

According to K Shanmugam, the death penalty for drug traffickers will not solve all issues, but it is part of Singapore's anti-drug framework which includes rehabilitation of abusers.