Malaysia police rescues missing Singaporeans near Ulu Choh Pontian lake

Missing Singaporean hikers tried to explore new climbing routes.

Mountain climbing
Representational picture of missing Singapore hikers Pixabay

Malaysia police have announced on Thursday that two Singaporean hikers, who were missing since Monday in Johor's Gunung Pulai forest reserve, have been found.

Police officials said that when a helicopter went on the search mission, those missing Singapore residents had been spotted at a nearby lake called Ulu Choh Pontian at around 11:20 am.

According to reports, the duo made a distress call earlier to the authority and informed them that they were near a lake. Since the helicopter was unable to land near the water body, the concerned authority sent a boat to rescue those hikers.

Both the Singaporeans survived with minor injuries and the police will be sending them to Hospital Pontian. The search mission team included police officers, park rangers, members of Johor's Fire and Rescue Department.

There were nearly 50 local rescue group members, including volunteers from Singapore and Malaysia climbing groups who also helped in this search mission.

The missing duo, both aged 27-years-old, were identified as Dominick Tan Chang Xiang and Clarice Lum Jie. The climbers might have lost their track as they tried to explore new routes rather than using the usual tracks.

According to reports among these two hikers, Tan was said to be the most experienced mountain climber. He also hiked Gunung Pulai many times.

Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd, the chief of Johor police said during a press meet on Wednesday that it was the first case where they spent the maximum time to search for two missing individuals in the Gunung Pulai Forest Reserve.

This article was first published on February 8, 2018