Singapore man caught on camera while running and jumping on moving cars in Geylang Rd [VIDEO]

Geylang Road incident
Geylang Road incident Facebook/

An unknown man was caught on a dashboard camera footage while running on the road. That man could be seen when he jumped on the bonnet of a car on Tuesday, June 19 along Geylang Road near Lorong 30 to 34.

The video was shared on the Facebook page called with a text, "Insurance Scammer at Geylang running around like a headless chicken." In that video, it was clear that when the man jumped on the car he was holding a mobile phone. The weird incident took place at around 12.22 am, as per the video recording. He hit the car bonnet with his right hand before he starts running again towards other cars.

The man also tried to jump on two different cars, which were moving at the time of the incident. The video showed, when the first car stopped on the road due to the man's activities, there was another man in the black outfit who could be seen in that video while following the man. IBTimes Singapore understands that the second man was trying to stop the other one.

The reason behind such wired actions is still not clarified. But, as per the Facebook post, the man was running against the traffic to commit suicide.

The Singapore resident who shared the incident with others stated on the same post that the man not only damaged his car but also damaged another Toyota Alphard and other vehicles on the same road. When the man ran towards two more cars, the driver of the first car recorded the incident through his car camera.

Later, the contributor said, "Got in contact with those who were involved & gonna pursue this case. If anyone knows this guy please do get back to me @ 82554501 or 83471281 or PM me at Facebook also possible."

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