Man jailed for molesting employee on her first day in office

60-year-old man arrested in Singapore

A Singapore permanent resident who is a company owner received eight months imprisonment for molesting a 28-year-old woman in his own firm on her first day of work.

After the end of the seven-day-trial, Md. Gias Uddin Sarker was convicted on five counts of outrage of modesty as he committed sexual acts on the victim who is also the daughter of someone he knew.

Details of the incident

Before offering the job to the lady, Gias insisted on meeting her. However, after the first meeting, the woman informed her mother that Gias had looked her in a perverted manner. However, her mother who knew Gias told her daughter that her employer is a good and trustworthy man.

The molestation incident associated with the case happened on November 20, 2015. On her first day of work, the victim engaged in various administrative works which include meeting up with the auditor. In the evening, they went to the Gias' office in Woodlands Link. The victim said that the surroundings of the office were very secluded, and there were no bus stops in the sight.

Later, Gias insisted the victim to sit next to him near the desktop so that he can show her how to enter the workers' payroll timesheets.

At this point, Gias touched the victim's hands and arms and told that he is not like any other man who loves hot sex. He even made it clear that he loves his wife and children a lot. The victim then told Gias that she is not comfortable with this. But Gias forced her and molested.

Upon reaching her home, the victim informed her husband who is a CISCO auxiliary police officer. The police officer confronted Gias that night itself, and on the next day, the couple lodged a police complaint.

Gias is now appealing the conviction and he is now out on bail.