Singapore makes world's largest flower basket for Garden Festival

Representational image Pixabay

Singapore has made the world's largest flower basket to usher in the Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) slated to take place from July 21, organisers announced on Saturday.

The basket was made from over 27,000 flowers in 50 varieties of plants by more than 150 community gardeners, volunteers, students and staff from the National Parks Board over a period 12 days, reports Xinhua news agency.

The garderners were joined by Desmond Lee, Singapore's Minister for Social and Family Development and Second Minister for National Development, who put the final touches to the display.

The basket was displayed on Saturday at the downtown Takashimaya Singapore Ltd.

Having achieved recognition at home and overseas for six editions, SGF will grow into three complementary flower and horticultural shows instead of only one main show.

Offshoots of the anchor Festival, SGF Orchid Show and SGF Horticulture Show will comprise various popular SGF elements, allowing them to entertain visitors at individual platforms, the organizers announced Saturday.

Besides the world's largest flower basket, visitors are also enjoying an assortment of celebrity orchids on display until March 11. (IANS)