Gugudan's first overseas fan meet at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Gugudan fans became overwhelmed after seeing the south-Korean singers in Singapore


Gugudan, a South Korean musical girl group, was in Singapore for their first overseas fan meet in the last week of September. Fans from the south-east Asian country welcomed them with warm greetings at Singapore's Changi Airport.

The band performed at MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands. They started the musical show with all their hit songs, including 'Wonderland' and 'Good Boy.' The audience were eagerly waiting to hear songs like 'Perhaps Love','Kim Sejeong', 'Flower Road' and 'Ice Chu'.

Although Gugudan debuted in 2016, they already have a huge fan following in Singapore. The singers shared their life experience with their fans.

Mina,a member of the girl band, talked about her debut in an upcoming drama '20th Century Boy and Girl,' which will be premiered on October 9. The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) produced drama will be based on the survival story of a 30-year-old woman who lives in Korea.

In the same event, fans participated in various fun games. Some fans received gifts and t-shirts, signed by the Gugudan girls.

Apart from performing as a musical band, the talented Gugudan singers showed another talent to the audience. While Hyeyeon mimicked Doraemon's voice, Mina showed some aegyo which is commonly seen in k-pop world.

Within a year, Gugudan has achieved many awards and nominations. In their debut year, they won Cultural Technology - Awesome Style Award in Rookie Asia M-style Show. Later they received nominations for the Most Popular Artists, Popularity Award, New Korean Wave Performance Award, Rookie Award, Best New Artist and Artist of the Year.