Singapore: Kampong Glam to undergo digital makeover

Kampong Glam Malay is only the first of several hoods to go through a similar digital revamp.

kampong glam digital makeover
An evening walk along Kampong Glam on October 26, 2012 (Erwin Soo/Wikimedia Commons)

The iconic Kampong Glam Malay heritage site will soon be undergoing a digital makeover in line with the Singaporean government's vision to revamp the retail scene in the country. The said transformation is part of the Infocomm sector's retail revamp which is expected to create about 16,000 jobs once in full swing.

Under the Retail Industry Digital Plan, the digitalisation of Singapore's retail sector targets to give business owners an avenue to learn more from what potential customers want through data analytics and e-commerce strategies. In effect, merchants will be able to get a pulse in terms of consumers' shopping needs.

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Part of the digital transformation is the ability of consumers to use Wi-Fi hotspots around the area to scour for their shopping options that suit their needs and leverage e-payment services to pay for purchases. Kampong Glam Malay is only the first of several hoods to go through a similar revamp.

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) revealed this plan on Friday, November 3 which is part of Ministry of Communications and Information's Industry Transformation Map for the Infocomm sector. The roadmap is slated to create around 16,000 new jobs by 2020.

"When completed, it would be an interesting showcase that interweaves tradition and digital technologies," says Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information.

As of late, IMDA and Spring Singapore have forged a memorandum of intent with the One Kampong Glam association and Singapore Malay Chambers of Commerce and Industry to present the core structure of this rejuvenation. The plan is expected to be prepared in three months' time.

The digital makeover of Kampong Glam is poised to start by the second half of 2018.

This article was first published on November 4, 2017