Singapore: Former traffic police inspector molested subordinates, faces 18 months jail term

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The court sentenced a retired traffic police inspector on July 02, 2018 to 18 months and one week in jail for molesting four full-time national servicemen while they were working as subordinates under the convict.

After the judgment was pronounced, a police spokesperson revealed that the convict, Mohd Taufik Abu Baker who has served the force for more than 30 years will lose his retirement benefits.

The crimes associated with this case happened between January and September 2015. Mohd Taufik Abu Baker was apparently heading the Traffic Police's Hit and Run Investigation Team then, and during this time period, he touched and slapped his male subordinates' buttocks. During the hearing, the victims informed the court that the former police inspector had many times called them 'darling' and 'baby'.

On September 10, 2015, Taufik called one of his 21-year-old subordinates to his flat molested under the pretext of removing body odour by applying hair removal cream on private parts.

On September 13, 2015, Taufik forcefully entered the toilet while the national serviceman was applying hair removal cream, and later, the senior officer molested is subordinate.

After molesting the young officer, Taufik sent him home, and after some hours, he sent another flirty message to the victim which read, "Let me know if you feel lonely and need me to accompany you. You can also stay over at my place and let me know."

On September 16, two victims informed the National Service probationary inspector about the offences committed by Taufik. After an investigation, the police officer was suspended from service in August 2016.

During the trial, Taufik denied all the charges imposed on him and informed the court that he had slapped and touched on the buttocks of the victims just for fun.

Last month, during the mitigation, Taufik's lawyer requested the court to give no more than 10 months in jail for his client. However, the prosecution strongly argued that a jail term of 32 months should be given to the sexual predator.

Finally, District Judge Jasvender Kaur sentenced him to 18 months and one week in prison.

After the judgment was pronounced, a police spokesperson told the press that Taufik is no longer a part of the police force, as he was retired on May 10, on his mandatory retirement age.

The spokesperson also urged the officers in the force "to uphold the law and maintain the highest standards of conduct and integrity."

This article was first published on July 3, 2018