Two men jailed in Singapore for sex with minor girl

Arrested and jailed
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A Singapore resident and a Philipino resident were jailed in Singapore after they were proved guilty for engaging in sex with a minor girl. The court on July 02, 2018 heard that the duo had lured the 13-year-old secondary school student after chatting with her via messengers like WeChat and Meow Chat.

Abdul Rashid Sapuan, the Singapore resident who was a police national serviceman attached to the Special Operations Command was sentenced to 15 months in jail, while Rosidi Ayop Jr Flora, a 21-year-old Filipino permanent resident who worked as a bellboy in a hotel was given imprisonment for 13 months.

While pronouncing the judgment, the court revealed that Rosidi Ayop Jr Flora is given a lighter judgment when comparing to Abdul Rashid Sapuan, as the Filipino resident was under 18 years while he committed the crime. It should be also noted that Rosidi is currently serving his National Service.

Details of the crime

During the hearing, the prosecutor informed the court that the girl who is now 14-years-old had an IQ score of just 87, which indicates that she was functioning within the low average range of intelligence.

It was Rashid who first lured the girl after chatting with her via instant messengers. After befriending the girl, Rashid asked whether he can come to her home while her mother goes out to work. During the chats, both of them exchanged naked photos, and finally, they had sex in late September 2016.

After a week, Rosidi also befriended the girl via Meow chat and both of them engaged in sex the first week of October.

The victim's mother noted the sexual conversations of her daughter on October 10 and she soon lodged a police complaint.

It should be also noted that another man also committed similar offenses on the victim during the same time period, and his case will be heard on July 28, 2018.

The name of the victim has been kept under the wraps due to a gag order.

As per Singaporean law, sexually penetrating a minor girl could rack up imprisonment of up to 20 years and the accused could also be liable to caning or fine.

This article was first published on July 3, 2018