Singapore: Domestic helper caught red-handed teaching toddler sexual activities

Father of toddler left devastated after helper solicits for sex online, teaches child sexual activities

Baby sitter
Representational image Pixabay

A domestic helper in Singapore has been accused of soliciting for sex and taking undue advantage of her employer's toddler daughter, including involving her in sexually explicit activities. She has also indulged in several other immoral activities and domestic offences during work hours, which have been proved by her Instagram posts.

The employer, Dzar Ismail, is a DJ for a Malay radio station in Singapore who lives with his wife and child. He had employed the 24-year-old helper about 15 months ago and provided her with the best of comforts, according to his account. However, that did not stop the employee from crossing her boundaries in every way possible.

According to Ismail's Facebook post, he had given the accused an air-conditioned room, unlimited food and clothing allowances, free wi-fi, an iPad and a flexible schedule of rest. However, she used the extra time and amenities she had to post pictures of herself on Instagram, often in her employer's clothes.

She has reportedly worn Ismail's and his wife's clothes, used his wife's expensive cosmetic products, posed with their guitar, drunk beer in their house, surfed pornography and even disclosed their private information on the internet.

What catches the eye as most harmful is the accused's behaviour with their daughter. Apart from neglecting the child and feeding her expired food, which caused several health issues, the 24-year-old helper had reportedly taught her how to "open her legs and touch her private parts." She had also posted a photo of the child in the shower on her social media page.

The helper has even been spotted soliciting sex online and posting sexually charged updates on the internet, perhaps to gain public attention.

After being alerted by relatives and acquaintances, Ismail looked up his employee's Instagram page and found a number of pictures to prove her wrong-doings. He immediately contacted the maid agency and sent her back to her country. The child is being sent for psychiatric evaluation.

Now, his primary concern is that the employee should not be allowed to return to Singapore and work there. For this, he wrote to the Ministry of Manpower to blacklist the helper and prevent her from ever gaining employment again.