Singaporean model saves 3 lives after falling prey to stroke

Model Karen Stella suffered bleeding in brain while singing karaoke

Karen Stella Wong
Karen Stella Wong Facebook/Karen Stella

A 28-year-old model from Singapore died tragically during a karaoke session with her friends. According to reports, the model, Karen Stella Wong, experienced a splitting headache and numbness in half of her body while she was singing a high-pitched song.

The incident happened on December 12. Karen was quickly taken to Singapore General Hospital by her friends, where she went into a coma. Her death occurred three days later, on December 15, due to acute intracerebral haemorrhage, according to Shin Min Daily News.

The deceased was a marketing consultant and part-time model in Singapore, who has worked with telecommunications company Singtel, say reports. Her family is shocked and devastated by her sudden death, as they say that she had no history of brain ailments.

The model's father, Laurence Wong, has said that she had gone on a regular outing with her friends and seemed perfectly happy and normal before leaving the house. She used to have headaches sometimes, like everyone else, but they had never imagined something so serious.

Karen Stella Wong
Karen Stella Wong Facebook/Karen Stella

Another painful situation was faced by the girl's family when they learned that they have to donate her organs. According to the Human Organ Transplant Act of 1987, all Singapore citizens and permanent residents above 21 years of age must have their kidneys, hearts, livers and corneas donated if they die in a hospital with healthy organs and if there are suitable recipients waiting.

Wong's family, though hesitant at first, are now happy that their daughter's two kidneys and liver have been used to save three lives. Their chief concern now is to take proper care of the deceased's mother, who was extremely close to her daughter. Her grandmother is still not aware of the tragic death, say reports.

Her body was brought to the ground floor of the HDB 3 near Serangoon Road, before being cremated on Wednesday, December 20. About 100 people attended her funeral and memorial service.

Karen was reportedly an obedient daughter and a cheerful soul. Her loss is indeed a sad one for the society. Her friends and co-workers have taken to express their grief over her death via social media.