Singapore Coronavirus: Ministry of Health reports first two COVID-19 deaths

Singapore reports first two Covid-19 deaths

Singapore has reported the first two cases of COVID-19 death on Saturday morning. The Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said that the one man and a woman had died after being affected by the Novel Coronavirus.

First Coronavirus death

The 75-year-old Singaporean woman was taken to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) on February 23 after she developed symptoms. In a statement, the ministry said that the Singapore citizen was taken to the healthcare facility for pneumonia and on the same day the doctors announced that she had COVID-19.

On Saturday, the Health Ministry said in a statement that "She developed serious complications and eventually succumbed to the infection after 26 days in the ICU on 21 March at 7.52 am. She had a history of chronic heart disease and hypertension."

Second COVID-19 death case

The 64-year-old Indonesian male who arrived in the Republic on March 13 was admitted to intensive care on the same day at NCID. On March 14, doctors confirmed that the man was infected by the deadly Novel Coronavirus.

The ministry mentioned in the statement that the Indonesian man had developed serious complications and "Eventually succumbed to the infection after nine days in the ICU on March 21 at 10.15 am."

In addition, MOH mentioned that prior to his arrival in the city-state, the Indonesian man had been treated for pneumonia in his native, who had a history of heart disease. The ministry and NCID have reached out to both the families and are extending assistance to them.

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Singapore COVID-19 death cases

After two people died from the virus, the health minister Gan Kim Yong said in the statement that "We are deeply saddened by their passing. Our thoughts are with their families during this difficult time. We will render all necessary assistance to their families. I understand that Singaporeans will be affected by this news. But we must take courage and continue to play our part to fight this virus."

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