Singapore cabby charged with criminal intimidation, causing hurt

Singapore taxi driver who was captured in two videos was charged with criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt

A 42-year-old Trans-Cab taxi driver who was captured in two viral videos while cursing at his passengers and kicking as well as punching another driver's car was charged on Thursday. Police identified and arrested the accused who was involved in a dispute with his passengers at Far East Plaza taxi stand on November 24.

Video evidence

In one video the driver, Feng Zhanning, who was captured while wearing a mask, got involved in a dispute with a man and a woman, who was carrying a child. He was continuously abusing the couple while using disturbing and vulgar words. During the abuse, the cabby is said to have swung a pair of pliers at the male passenger and pushed the female which caused her to fall backwards and sustained bruises on her palm. As per the court documents, the baby was unhurt.

It was seen in another video that Zhanning, was continuously showing his middle finger at a motorist. The video also captured the driver when he was using the fist and elbow to hit the car and kicking the vehicle on November 22 along Paterson Hill. He can be heard repeatedly telling the driver to come out of the car and even tried to open the vehicle door himself.

Money laundering
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Police investigation and charges

After ground investigation, the police found that Zhanning had confronted a car driver after being honked at and during that time he damages the car. However, another car driver was unhurt. Police arrested the accused on Wednesday at Woodlands Checkpoint.

The cabby was charged with criminal intimidation and voluntarily causing hurt. If the court finds him guilty, Zhanning will face a fine up to two years' jail on each charge. He remains to be charged with mischief and intentional harassment.

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