Singapore: Police identifies man who punched and kicked car, hurled abuse in videos

Two videos went viral which showed a 42-year-old man kicking a car and using abusive gestures on the road

Singapore police have identified a 42-year-old cabby who was captured in two videos, which had gone viral on social media, while throwing punches towards the car window and abusing a couple. Police stated that after ground inquiry and investigating both the cases through the videos, they established the identity of the Trans-Cab driver who was involved in a case of road rage along Paterson Hill on 22 November and a case of criminal intimidation as well as voluntarily causing hurt at 14 Scotts Road on 24 November.

Police report
Police (Representational picture) Pixabay

The first video

In one video, the cabby wore a mask and was continuously showing his middle finger at a motorist. The video also captured the driver when he was using the fist and elbow to hit the car and kicking the vehicle. He can be heard repeatedly telling the driver to come out of the car and even tried to open the vehicle door himself.

Second video

In another video, the accused was captured wearing the same mask. It showed that he got involved in a dispute with a man and a woman, who was carrying a child. It can be also heard that the cabby was continuously using disturbing words. The man who was filming the incident and had probably intervened can be heard while saying that "You got weapon sia on you."

However, under Penal Code section 147, rioting is considered a criminal offence and a convict in rioting can face a penalty of a mandatory imprisonment sentence of up to seven years and with caning. As per Section 506, whoever is guilty of criminal intimidation will be imprisoned for a term up to 2 years or will be liable for a fine or both. If the offender threatens to cause death or grievous hurt, or to destroy any property or to cause any offence that is punishable by death or imprisonment for a term up to 7 years or more or impute unchastity to a woman, he/she will be imprisoned for a term up to 10 years or shall be liable for a fine, or both.

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