Singapore: 53-year-old man jailed 15 weeks for punching woman enforcement officer

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A 53-year-old worker was jailed for 15 weeks on Tuesday for punching a woman Certis Cisco enforcement officer after she booked his friend for illegal parking. Reports said that Abdullah Sani Moonshi punched Kalidevi Wing Desan twice on the forehead on May 17 last year.

The incident took place when the 25-year-old traffic warden was patrolling a back lane of Jalan Pinang. Abdullah Sani recognized her on duty as the officer who had earlier issued a parking ticket to his friend for parking his motorcycle illegally.

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Abdullah Sani asked the victim to follow him to the spot where his friend's motorcycle was parked. But, while she was doing so, he punched her on the forehead. The court was told that the woman was punched again when she tried to avoid him.

When Kalidevi called the police, Abdullah Sani verbally abused her and left. The officer was treated for a bruise on her head and given three days' medical leave.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Zhuo Wenzhao asked the court for at least four months in jail for the accused. However, Abdullah Sani's lawyer Randhir Gupta requested the court not to impose more than about three months' jail.

But, as the victim was a woman officer, District Judge Lorraine Ho leaned towards a tougher sentence for Abdullah Sani, who was much bigger and stronger than her.

He could have been jailed for up to seven years, fined, caned or received any combined punishment.

This article was first published on January 30, 2018