Singapore: 33-year-old woman arrested for stealing make-up from Icon Orchard shopping mall

Woman arrested
Woman arrested for stealing make-up (Representational picture) Pixabay

Police arrested a 33-year-old woman who attempted to steal make-up products from a cosmetic shop in Icon Orchard shopping mall on Sunday, April 29.

The police said that they were alerted to the alleged theft at around 2.18 pm that took place in Orchard Turn on Sunday. As per a police spokesperson, the woman was arrested in relation to the case.

Reports stated that the woman tried to steal the beauty products from a store called Sephora, which is an international retail chain that is responsible for selling various types of cosmetic and beauty products.

She attempted to steal about $200 worth of eyeliner and foundation. But when a security guard suspected the theft, he caught the woman on the spot. An eyewitness to the incident told Shin Min Daily that he saw a police car outside the mall on that day. He also added that police used handcuffs to take the accused out of the mall.

An unnamed employee of the store has claimed that such incidents are common at the store. The employee added that many times police come to arrest offenders and many times it was small items that were stolen.

Police is investigating the case.

As per Section 378 of Penal Code, to constitute theft, the offender must,

  • Intend to take dishonestly;
  • Any movable property;
  • Out of the possession of any person.
  • Without that person's consent;
  • Move that property in order to such taking;

The law says that punishment for theft can include imprisonment which may extend to 3 years, a fine, or both.

The law also stated that,

  • Section 379A: Of a motor vehicle ;
  • Section 380: In dwelling house, etc ;
  • Section 381: By clerk or servant or property in possession of master.
  • Section 382: After preparation made for causing death or hurt in order to commit theft;

Punishments for offences within s379A to s381 include imprisonment which may extend to 7 years and fine, and punishment for s382 includes imprisonment which may extend to 10 years and not less than 3 strokes of the cane.