Singapore: 47-year-old woman tricked man, 60, stole jewellery and cash after a night in hotel

Woman arrested for stealing car
Woman arrested for stealing car (Representational picture ) Pixabay

A woman, 47, was found guilty of stealing S$6,388 worth of jewellery and cash from a man, with whom she had sex with at a hotel. The woman was sentenced to four months of imprisonment on Friday, April 13.

The victim, Chew Siong Heng met with the accused, Fu Xiang at a casino in November 2013 and spent a night with the girl. Next day, when he woke up in his hotel room, he realised that the girl had stolen most of his valuables and cash.

After a three-day trial, Fu was convicted of theft on Friday. During the hearing, she claimed that Chew had gifted a thick chain of gold, two gold rings and S$2,000 in cash. But the victim, who was about to testify against Fu's claims, died two weeks before the trial was set to start.

The court heard the statements made by Chew in 2013 and 2017, which were taken as evidence in the case. When they first met at Marina Bay Sands casino, Fu had smiled at the elderly man and then Chew smiled back.

Later when the 60-year-old Chew was leaving the casino with his winning money of S$1,000, Fu came to him and said that she had no money and starving. The accused also offered the man a massage service.

When the man agreed, both of them checked into a hotel at about 3.25 am and spent that night. After Chew fell asleep, Fu took all the valuables, including cash and left only S$50 in Chew's pocket. His statement said that the next day at 6.50 am when he woke up, all his 'prized possessions' was gone.

The police located Fu three years later in 2016 and arrested her. After an interrogation, she admitted to her crimes and said that she did it out of greed but during the court hearing, she insisted that Chew had given them as gift.

The prosecution sought for a four months jail sentence for Fu, who had no lawyer to represent her.

The accused also told the court that she is a divorcee and has two children, who are in their 20's. Since both of her children are depending on Fu financially, she urged for a shorter sentence and said that longer sentence will affect her job profile.

In Singapore, theft includes intend to take away dishonestly any movable property out of the possession of any person, without that person's consent and move that property in order to take it away.

Punishment for offences under Section 379A to 381 (theft of a motor vehicle by clerk or servant or property in possession of master) include imprisonment which may extend up to 7 years and fine, and punishment under Section 382 (for causing death or hurt in order to commit theft) includes imprisonment which may extend up to 10 years and not less than 3 cane strokes.

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