Singapore: 3 arrested for drug offences in Bukit Batok

Drug arrest
Police arrested drug offenders Rilek1Corner/ Facebook

Singapore Police arrested three male suspects in drug-related offences from a coffee shop located in Bukit Batok on Sunday morning. In March, this is the fourth case of drug-related arrests which took place in the island nation.

A Facebook page called Rilek1Corner has shared the video on the incident. The footage showed that while one of the suspects, wearing a yellow t-shirt, was lying on the floor, another man in grey shirt was leaned to a chair.

The video showed another alleged drug offender, wearing a red shirt during the arrest, having a conversation with a police officer.

Reports stated that police were alerted to the situation at around 10.05 am at Block 279 Bukit Batok Avenue 3 on Sunday. Officials reached the location and arrested the three men, who are aged between 55 and 56. One of those arrested was taken to Ng Teng Fong Hospital, as the 56-year-old man's health was not stable.

When tipped off, the police arrived at the spot and searched the three men and found tsubstance, which is believed to be some kind of drugs.Further police investigation is going on.


If these suspects are found guilty of importing, exporting or found in possession of more than legally measured quantities of drugs, then they have to face a long term of imprisonment, caning, and even capital punishment.

Earlier on March 21, a 50-year-old man was arrested from a third-storey flat at Block 114, Ho Ching Road, as he had a history of drug offences.

On the same day, Central Narcotic Bureau (CNB) conducted two separate operations to catch drug offenders. The officers arrested seven suspects and seized drugs worth more than $155,000.

In another 11-day long operation conducted by CNB and supported by Singapore Police Force, officers arrested 122 drug offenders along with a suspected "Ice" trafficker.