Singapore: Police and CNB arrest 50-year-old drug offender from Ho Ching Road

Singapore drug offence
Singapore drug offence Singapore Police Force

A 50-year-old man has kept police and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officials at bay for almost five hours, after locking himself in his flat along with his girlfriend and father.

Singapore Police Force said on their Facebook page that the man had told them that he was armed and threatened to harm others in the room if they forced to open the door.

The incident took place in a third-storey flat at Block 114, Ho Ching Road at around 1 pm. The police and CNB conducted a joint operation to catch the man, who allegedly had a history of drug offences.

The New Paper reported that at around 5.45 pm the Vietnamese girlfriend of the accused ran out of the flat in tears and a few minutes later the officers of Special Operations Command entered the flat after knocking down the metal gate on the front.

Reports stated that some gunshots were also heard inside the unit and finally the officials caught the man, who was wearing only shorts. Later, while restraining the accused, two officials came out of the unit. The man also had a bruise on his thigh, which indicates a struggle before he was arrested.

Police mentioned in their Facebook page that the man's girlfriend and father were unharmed.


The officials also found a bag with an axe, including a cleaver from the flat at around 7.35 pm. Further investigation is on.

The man was arrested for criminal intimidation and suspected drug-related offences and if found guilty, he may face a death sentence, as it is considered worth the Capital Punishment in Singapore.

A death sentence is also mandatory for those, who are caught while manufacturing:

  • Morphine, or any salt of morphine, ester of morphine or salt or ester of morphine
  • Diamorphine (heroin) or any salt of diamorphine
  • Cocaine or any salt of cocaine
  • Methamphetamine