Signed Receipt in Hunter Biden's Name From Delaware Laptop Repair Store Surfaces

A $85 receipt with Hunter Biden's name and alleged signature for repair work at The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware, has emerged

Days after the New York Post published an explosive story about emails exchanged between Hunter Biden and a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm regarding a meeting with his father, Joe Biden, latest leaked documents show what appears to be Hunter Biden's signature on a receipt from the laptop repair shop where he allegedly dropped off a laptop containing emails of his overseas business dealings.

According to the NY Post report, the emails were apparently retrieved from the laptop of Hunter Biden after it was left at a repair shop in Delaware in April 2019. According to the New York Post article, the store owner said a customer who brought in a laptop for repair never paid for the service, and the computer remained in the store with a hard drive containing all the information.

The Mac Shop
The Mac Shop in Wilming, Delaware. Twitter

The store owner also noted that the laptop had a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, a nonprofit organization named after Joe Biden's late son. The laptop's hard drive was later obtained by the FBI and Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who shared its contents with the Post.

Receipt for 'Data Recovery'

Hunter Biden receipt
The receipt from The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware, addressed to Hunter Biden. Twitter

A receipt from The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware, has now surfaced and appears to show Hunter signature authorizing "data recovery" work to be carried out on three MacBook Pro laptops for $85.However, the signature has not yet been verified.

The description of the services reads "recover data to store server and contact customer when complete." The receipt also mentions Hunter's name in the "bill to" section.

FBI Paperwork

FBI subpoena
The FBI subpoena issued to John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of The Mac Shop. Twitter

Other documents that have emerged include FBI paper work that reveals the bureau's interactions with the shop's owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, who reported the laptop's contents to authorities.

The document shows that Isaac received a subpoena to testify before the U.S. District Court in Delaware on Dec. 9, 2019. One page appears to show the serial number for a MacBook Pro laptop and a hard drive that were seized by the agency.

Hunter Biden's overseas dealings have come under intense scrutiny in the wake of the Post report, which published alleged emails of his correspondence with associates in Ukraine and China. However, the Biden campaign has denied that Joe Biden or Hunter Biden engaged in any wrongdoing.