Show Me the Money 6: Youngest contestant reveals thoughts about hateful comments

12-year-old rapper Jo Woo-chan lost to Woo Won-jae in the semi final round of the show.

Rapper Jo Woo-chan.
Jo Woo-chan performing song "VVIP" (feat. Sik-K) in the semi final of 'Show Me the Money' season 6. Official

Receiving hateful comments from others is often harmful for anyone; especially if the recipient happens to be a juvenile. A Cube Entertainment trainee, 12-year-old Jo Woo-chan is not just any kid, he is the youngest contestant in the history of music show 'Show Me the Money.' Jo Woo-chan talked about his struggles in the show and revealed how he dealt with hateful comments.

Rapper Jo Woo-chan was one of the six contestants who competed in the semi-final of Mnet's music competition programme 'Show Me the Money' season 6. As noted by Allkpop, he went up against rapper Woo Won-jae, performing a song called "VVIP" (feat. Sik-K). However, he lost to the latter. Before his performance, the audience were given a peak on Jo Woo-chan's home with his parents.

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Regarding the online hate comments, the young rapper said, "In online comments, [they would say] other people write my lyrics for me, 'He only got this far because he's young,' 'Why is he here,' there were a lot of comments like that, but I managed to get past that and came this far so I feel like I've been acknowledged, and I also received attention through this, so everything is very different from 4 months ago."

Jo Woo-chan sounds quite mature for his age and seemingly has a positive outlook on life. Hurtful comments were not the biggest issue to deal with while being on the show, he revealed, when his father asked, "What was the most difficult part?" Woo-chan replied, "I had to keep up with the physical stamina of the adults on the programme, and after that, I was worried when controversies arose or online comments came up, so all of that was difficult."

Woo-chan's parents also said, "We are worried for him. If he hadn't gone on the show, there wouldn't be [such hate comments] like this. We wanted to reply to each of the comments. That's how parents are. We also feel that Woo Chan doesn't want to show his weak side. We are proud of him, but also pity him."

It is indeed shameful that people would harbour such low thoughts about a little boy who is working so hard to hone a craft he so loves. It is wonderful to see that Woo-chan is not only talented, but also mature enough to take on the challenges of the music industry, including the negative side effects of being a public personality now. Watch his performance below.

This article was first published on August 26, 2017