'Should I Kill Myself' Asks Cardi B After Twitter User Slams Her Over Risque Photo

Cardi B has been in several controversies lately. The WAP singer is once again garnering traction for her Twitter comments. In the latest post on her official account on social media, Cardi B tried to hit back at a user 'Adelle' who claims "Black Lives Matter is destroying America."

"Respect black peoples live the same way you want people to respect the oppression of your country and people Miss Persia," she said, adding that she was instead attacked with slurs on the social media platform.

The Twitter user slammed the Grammy performer for flaunting her half-naked pictures and videos. The user known as Adelle said: "Cardi B is an embarrassment to women everywhere and so are women who parade themselves on social media with pictures and videos showing off their half-naked bodies like her. They lack virtue, self-respect and dignity." Replying to this, Cardi B wrote, "Should I kill Myself?" but the user said, "No respect yourself."

Meanwhile, some Twitter fans of rapper Cardi B jumped into her rescue. Defending the rap queen, one of her fans said, "cardi is no a shame, her life story is great and inspires a lot of people. you should respect cardi and other women who are different from you. if you don't like what cardi does, don't consume it, you don't have to keep consuming it."

Cardi B
Cardi B flaunts figure on Instagram Instagram

Another user criticized her saying that he wasn't surprised by Cardi B's childish reply. The user wrote, "It's sad that so many people don't find anything wrong with what she does or shows on TV... if I had kids I'd NEVER let them watch or listen to her stuff... it's disgusting!"

Who is Adelle?

The Twitter user who has criticized Cardi B for going nude on social media claims to be a resident of New Jersey. Adelle, who is enjoying an ample amount of fan followers on Twitter is a Persian and a self-proclaimed warrior.

Cardi B Controversies

Moreover, this is not the first time Cardi B creating a buzz for her social media stunt. She recently took the Grammy's by storm for her scandalous "WAP" performance. The rapper, who became the first solo female artist to win the Best Rap Album has been in talks for several factors on social media.

Her recent Instagram video touching actor Sean Bankhead's private parts while dancing to her famous WAP song went viral on the photo-sharing platform raising eyebrows.

Cardi B Make Fans Go Gaga
Cardi B rocks sizzling bikini on Instagram Instagram

In the video, the singer scandalously touches Sean Bankhead's penis while he thrusts his front part facing her.

Video: Cardi B WAP Song