Shocking Video Shows Four-Year-Olds Being Trained to Use AK-47s and Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers in Russian Kindergarten [WATCH]

The trainer in the video has been identified as Pavel Firsov, who is from a militaristic pro-Kremlin movement called Combat Brotherhood.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suffered enough men in the war against Ukraine and after forcing civilians to fight for their country, he is targeting school students. Children as young as four and five-year-olds are being given war lessons in Russia that include using AK-47 rifles and hand grenades.

A shocking video has emerged that shows an officer in uniform and combat gear demonstrating a Kalashnikov machine gun and an anti-tank grenade launcher to kindergarten youngsters. This war training for kindergarten students comes as tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed in Putin's attempt to attack and weaken the independent nation of Ukraine.

Training to Fight

It is not known why exactly the kids are being trained but the officer appears to be a hard taskmaster as the children in the kindergarten sincerely follow his instructions. In Russia, children attend kindergartens before transferring to schools at the age of seven.

The video is from Kindergarten No. 31 in Korolev, near Moscow where they were being taught the "qualities that distinguish a true defender of the Motherland," the reported.

Russia kindergarten
The trainer demonstrating the weapons was kids watch him Twitter

The trainer in the video has been identified as Pavel Firsov, who is from a militaristic pro-Kremlin movement called Combat Brotherhood, the outlet reported. He is seen demonstrating a Kalashnikov machine gun to the kindergarten students first and giving them instructions on how to use them, as they listen to him.

None of the students in the classroom are above the age of five. Firsov is next seen taking out an anti-tank grenade launcher and explaining to the kids how to use it.

Sparking Debate

Russia kindergarten
The children in the kindergarten being trained Twitter

Russia so far has suffered huge losses. Tens of thousands of men have died fighting for Putin. The Russian leader last month ordered civilians to join the war and since then Kremlin has been forcing civilians to go to Ukraine and fight.

Meanwhile, Putin has been constantly threatening to use nuclear weapons and has lately escalated attacks on Ukraine once again. The war training to kindergarten students comes as Putin tries to equip every Russia to fight for the country.

Russia kindergarten
One of the officials at the kindergarten being demonstrated how to use a grenade launcher Twitter

However, the video has sparked widespread criticism and debate. "Did I understand correctly that a combatant brought a machine gun and a flamethrower to the kindergarten?" asked one critic in disbelief.

"It is better that a combatant who wishes well for children brings a machine gun and a flamethrower to the kindergarten than a terrorist," one replied supporting the training being imparted to the kids.

Another critic wrote: "In my school childhood, someone's grandfather with noble grey hair came bedecked in medals and told us that war is scary, with pain and tears. We were told how wonderful victory was and how to cherish world peace.

Vladimir Putin
The prospect of Putin resorting to the use of tactical nuclear weapons should not be taken lightly. Twitter

"I don't remember a word about weapons. Now happy Russian children are being told how and what to use to kill bad people. Feel the difference."

Another person wrote: "I'm shocked. Why, why show this in the kindergarten? Degenerates!"

A parent at the nursery school expressed disgust and was left shocked.

"We were not warned. We were only lucky that our child was not in the kindergarten on this day."

Another critic argued that it was "terrible" to expose kids to firearms.

"The law says it is not permitted to involve children in military propaganda. It is necessary to report this violation to the prosecutor's office." Another supporter claimed that boys who are not taught about weaponry will grow up to be "cowardly men."