Shocking Video Shows Ex-NFL Player Brenden Langley Blowing Punches at United Airlines Worker at Newark Airport [WATCH]

Former NFL player Brendan Langley got into a wild brawl with a United Airlines worker at Newark airport, ending up in prison, last Thursday. A video of the altercation, resulting in a fight between the two, has gone viral on social media.

Langley can be heard yelling at the airlines worker in the video, "You want some more? He wants some more!" as the latter tries to stumble back on his feet after getting punched by the player.

The viral video has resulted in a war of words between the social media followers. Some supporters of Langey feel that the video tries to show that the player as the culprit which is half truth and that United Airlines deliberately circulated the video as a "damage control" exercise.

Former NFL player Brendan Langley

Langley Lands in Prison Trying to Save $5

On the other hand, a faction of social media followers has lambasted Langley over the incident stating that he should be taken to task for breaking the rules. They stated that Langley instigated the worker to get into an altercation, adding that he should not get away with a high-handed behavior.

Also, some followers even appreciated United Airlines authorities for not revealing the staffer's identity in order to safeguard his future job prospects.

At the same time, some of Langley's fans have come out in his support claiming that it was the United Airlines worker who initiated the brawl and that he should be sent to jail. They also criticized the airlines for concealing his identity, adding that this would encourage him to carry on with his arrogance.

According to a Mail Online report, the reason behind the scuffle was Langley's weird behavior as instead of using a luggage cart that would cost him $5 to transport his luggage, he used a wheelchair. The worker objected to this, tried to shove Langley, who lost his temper and punched the worker. However, United Airlines has fired the worker.

A Twitter user expressed resentment over Langley's attitude stating, "this Just shows how working class is treated for simply doing their jobs. Branden Langley got enraged over a worker trying to do his JOB in the first place! Over a $5 charge. The point is airliner was doing his job and Branden got mad him."

Another user while replying to @tigermelons @_Tam_I_Am and 2 others wrote, "The airport employee should be in jail. He assaulted first. Plus the airport should have the full footage to exonerate Branden Langley."