Shocking Video: Man Kicks Girlfriend, Brutally Assaults Her And Tries to Drag Her Into His Car

The victim from Yangsan in South Korea, decided to release the video when police did not take any action against the man despite filing complaint.

In a shocking CCTV footage released by a woman in South Korea, a man is seen beating up and kicking a girl multiple times. She is also seen dragging her into his car when she falls unconscious. The video was released by the victim when police did not take any action against the man in question, despite filing complaint.

The incident occurred in Yangsan in South Korea. The report was first published and the video was released by the YouTube channel VIDEOMUG. The video showed a man in an inebriated state assaulting a girl continuously, outside a building.

Man attacks girlfriend at Yangsan in South Korea, gets arrested. YouTube screengrab

VIDEOMUG Interviews Victim

After the video went viral, the victim was interviewed by VIDEOMUG and she said that she was in Busan and received a phone call from her boyfriend's friend that her boyfriend was drunk and had passed out on the street. But she had told that she was in Busan which was far and it was not possible for her to take care of him right away.

Shortly after he hung the call, she received another call and it was from her boyfriend. He started fighting with her and said that he was disappointed that she didn't care about him. On the same night as she reached her apartment in Yangsan, she heard a loud honk coming from her boyfriend's car, parked there. He was drunk and was waiting for her arrival.

During the interview the girl said that it had been just three months they had started seeing each other and she did not want to give him the exact address where she lived. So, she had told him about the apartment, but not about the unit where she lived.

In the video it can be seen that as soon as she arrived, he got down from his car and both started arguing. She asked him to get a cab and go home but he wanted to follow her inside her house. She then tried to walk him out and then he started attacking her and shouted at her that she did not want to spend time with him. He kicked her more than 15 times before she became unconscious.

Then, he was seen dragging her into his car. But soon, she regained her consciousness and got out of the car, shouting for help. The girl is injured so badly that she requires surgery and eight weeks of hospitalization.

Police Inaction Despite Filing Complaint

Following the incident, she filed a complaint with the police and in the interview she said that she gave the police his name, number, address, birth date, car model and details of his license plate too. But the police did not take any action. She said that the police insisted that he will not try to harm her again and that he was on crutches and was cooperating with the probe.

But the fact was that he had continued to call and visit her which had made her anxious and scared. That is when she decided to release the video. After the video went viral, the police detained him for questioning.