Shocking Video Captures Woman Performing Oral Sex on Foreign Man at Popular Tourist Spot in Thailand [WATCH]

The incident took place on Pattaya Beach close to a stage that the city had set up for this weekend's Pattaya Music Festival.

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A woman was caught on camera performing oral sex on a man by a roadside at a popular tourist spot in Thailand. The video which has since gone viral shows a woman performing oral sex with a tourist near the Pattaya Music Festival location.

A witness reportedly sent a two-minute video to Thai media on Thursday, according to a post on the Pattaya Online News Facebook page. In the footage, a woman said to be Thai is seen kissing a man wearing a white shirt before kneeling down to give him oral sex. Police have since launched an investigation into the incident that has raised quite a few eyebrows.

Sex by the Roadside


The viral video footage shows a woman wearing a red dress bending herself to pleasure the allegedly foreign man on a stage in Central Pattaya Beach, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, Thailand.

The woman continues to perform oral sex for some time while the man is seen standing still and enjoying the moment. The couple finished their foreplay and then left the area without further sexual activities.

Thai woman
The Thai woman in red dress seen performing oral sex on a foreign tourist on Pattaya Beach Twitter

The incident took place on Pattaya Beach close to a stage that the city had set up for this weekend's Pattaya Music Festival. The couple ignored their surroundings and were unaware of the large number of local and foreign residents.

According to the Pattaya Online News Facebook page, a witness forwarded the video to Thai media, and now police are aware of it. The unsavory action, according to Pattaya Police, harms the city's reputation in the tourism sector. Police are now looking for the couple and plan to file charges.

They could be fined up to 5,000 ($140) baht for violating Section 397 of the Criminal Law by acting in a way that harasses, humiliates, or annoys others.

Sin in The City

Thai woman performing oral sex

Only a few days back, a hot threesome on an overpass during the daytime hours resulted in the arrest of two Thai males and one Thai lady. The randy trio was arrested by police in Phitsanulok province in lower northern Thailand, close to the Laos border after a local media source exposed them on Facebook.

Esor News published a photo of the steamy encounter, and cops later commented that they were "taking it in turns," according to MGROnline.

Pillows and a blanket were apparently discovered by police at the site, which was close to a municipal technical college.

According to reports, the three were accused of breaking Penal Law 397.

Also, last year, a 49-year-old Norwegian man was seen in a viral video having sex with a Thai woman by the side of the road in Pattaya.

The man also agreed to accept responsibility for himself alone and pay a 5,000 baht fine for breaking Section 397 of the Criminal Law.