Shocking Video Captures Moment Novak Djokovic Collapses After Being Struck in Head by Bottle Dropped by Fan at Italian Open in Rome [WATCH]

Later on, Djokovic addressed the incident on social media, thanking those who offered their support and confirming his intention to continue competing in the tournament.

Novak Djokovic's opening match at the 2024 Italian Open took an ugly turn. Djokovic exited the court after beating Corentin Moutet 6-3, 6-1 at Rome's Forto Italico on Friday, and began signing autographs for fans. As he was making his way down the tunnel after the match, he paused to sign a fan's hat before continuing.

As he was doing so, a video shared online captured the moment a water bottle was thrown from the nearby stands, striking Djokovic's head with force. Djokovic immediately held his head and collapsed in agony, remaining on the ground for a few moments before being helped off the court and into the locker room.

Unexpected Attack

Novak Djokovic
A bottle is seen hitting Novak Djokovic's head dropped by a fan before he collapsed at the Italian Open in Rome X

Following the impact, the world No. 1 remained curled on the floor for a period before officials guided him indoors. In the background, fans could be heard questioning where the missile came from.

However, an alternate perspective of the incident emerged, revealing a water bottle slipping out of a fan's backpack as they leaned over for Djokovic's autograph, inadvertently striking him on the head.

Subsequent footage from an alternate angle corroborated the claim.

In the video, the person whose rucksack the bottle falls from appears shocked, immediately standing up and stepping away from the tunnel's edge to prevent any further accidents.

A staff member standing nearby then attends to the tennis icon, ensuring he receives prompt assistance. Later, tournament management issued a statement affirming that the incident was unintentional and that Djokovic was recovering well.

Novak Djokovic
The bottle seen landing on Novak Djokovic's head X

"Novak Djokovic on leaving the Central court at the end of his match was accidentally hit on the head by a water bottle while signing autographs to spectators," the Italian Open said in a statement.

"He underwent appropriate medication and has already left the Foro Italico to return to his hotel; his condition is not a cause for concern."

Nothing Intentional

Following the impact, an audible gasp rippled through the crowd, indicating the shock and concern over Djokovic's well-being. Sky Sports reported that he was receiving medical attention from staff in the locker room following the incident.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic is seen falling on teh floor after being hit by the bottle X

Later on, Djokovic addressed the incident on social media, thanking those who offered their support and confirming his intention to continue competing in the tournament. "Thank you for the messages of concern," he wrote.

"This was an accident and I am fine resting at the hotel with an ice pack. See you all on Sunday."

In response to the completely unexpected accident, one fan wrote on social media: "Wtf..... ban these guys asap if it was intentional. Looks like it fell unknowingly. Stay safe and strong Nole"

Another admirer wrote, "I'm hoping this was just an accident and someone dropped their bottle because it got too crowded and people were pushing too much in that area, but...

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic seen falling on the ground from the impact of the bottle X

"Can't rule out some clueless person thinking it would be a good idea to throw something heavy at someone who's not even looking."

Despite the unsettling incident, Djokovic had a smooth start to the tournament, easily navigating through his opening match in Rome.

"I haven't practiced with a lefty in a while, so it took me a little bit of time to adjust to the different rotation on the balls," Djokovic said on the court following the match, before the incident. "The first four games were quite bad for me. ... But then I played well."