Shocking Video Captures Four Scantily Clad Women Brawling at Luxurious Las Vegas Hotel [WATCH]

The person filming the altercation can be heard saying "god damn" after an audible slapping sound as the fight escalates into violence.

A shocking video has emerged that captures a wild catfight involving at least four women near a set of poker tables at a luxury Las Vegas hotel over the weekend. The four scantily clad women continued their wild fight till a brave man and a security guard separated them but not before struggling to pacify them.

One woman riding a motorized scooter inside Encore at Wynn Las Vegas was even forcibly removed while a security guard and a bystander attempted to intervene and stop the fight on Sunday evening. The incident took place on the casino floor of Las Vegas' Encore at Wynn venue.

Fighting Like Children

Two different videos captured parts of the brawl. In the first video, a woman dressed in a gold-colored outfit with her thongs exposed can be seen pinning another woman wearing a black and white top and denim shorts onto the red carpet of the casino.

Both women have already lost their shoes in the fight by this point and their clothes are visibly disheveled, suggesting that the video starts in the middle of the altercation.

As the woman in the gold outfit gains the upper hand, a third woman wearing cream sweatpants enters the scene and strikes a fourth woman, who appears to be a friend of the woman in the gold outfit, in the face.

Wild fight Las Vegas
The women seen fighting inside Las Vegas's Encore at Wynn venue Twitter

The person filming the altercation can be heard saying "god damn" after an audible slapping sound as the fight escalates into violence.

A man wearing a blue top can be seen intervening in the melee in the interim.

He heroically stands between the women who all appear keen on continuing to assault each other as the woman who punched her friend helps her friend up from the floor.

Despite being outnumbered, the man manages to briefly hold two of the ladies against a wall and prevent the lady in gold from hitting the other two with her shoes. Her clothing has ridden up around her waist, leaving little to the imagination.

Wild fight Las Vegas
One brave man tried to intervene and separate the brawling women Twitter

The first video ends with the man filming once more saying, "God damn," as he successfully blocks the woman's attempts.

Not The End

However, the fight didn't end there. The second video clip resumes shortly after the first one, showing that the altercation had reignited and the catfight was ongoing.

Wild fight Las Vegas
The women continued to fight as the crowd watched in shock Twitter

In the second video, the altercation continues with the woman in cream sweatpants and the woman in gold engaged in a fierce struggle, tightly gripping each other. They are now near a poker table, and the woman in cream is seen on a battery scooter, almost horizontal, while both women continue to slap and kick each other.

The man in blue, along with a security guard, intervenes once again, trying to separate the women.

One of them can be heard shouting for them to calm down. The person filming is heard saying, "dude, this s**t is crazy," while a crowd gathers to observe the chaotic scene.

Eventually, the efforts of the men pay off as they finally manage to separate the two women. The security guard takes control of the situation by bringing the woman in gold to the floor and restraining her, pinning her down with her arms held behind her back.

"Damn, that girl's f****ed" the man filming says as she is detained.

Wild fight Las Vegas

The incident took place at the Encore at Wynn hotel in Las Vegas over the weekend, coinciding with the city hosting UFC 290. The hotel offers room rates ranging from $150 to several thousands of dollars.

It remains unclear whether the women involved in the fight were immediately arrested or faced any legal consequences for their actions.