Shocking: Teen Finds iPhone Taped to Toilet Seat on Flight; Family Suspects Crew Member's Involvement

The family of a 14-year-old girl has alleged that an iPhone was discovered taped to the back of a toilet seat during a recent flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Boston, and they suspect it was placed there by a member of the flight crew.

American Airlines

On September 2, during American Airlines flight 1441, a male crew member directed the girl to use the first-class restroom. Shortly thereafter, the crew member entered the restroom just before the 14-year-old did, informing her that the seat was malfunctioning but not to be concerned. Strangely, he re-entered the bathroom after she had exited, according to the family's written statement.

Upon using the restroom, the young girl noticed an iPhone discreetly affixed to the back of the toilet seat, seemingly positioned to record her. She took a photograph of this unsettling discovery using her own phone before leaving the restroom.

The family expressed their deep shock and profound disturbance in a statement, stating, "These events have left our daughter - and our entire family - shocked and profoundly disturbed."

As of now, the family has not initiated any legal action, as per their lawyer, Paul Llewellyn.

Upon landing, law enforcement officers met the aircraft at the gate. A flight attendant was escorted off the plane by Massachusetts State Police. Subsequently, the case was handed over to the FBI as the primary investigating agency, given that the incident occurred during the flight, falling under the FBI's jurisdiction.

When contacted via email, an FBI spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

American Airlines released a statement in response to the incident, emphasizing their commitment to taking the matter seriously. They affirmed their full cooperation with law enforcement agencies in their investigation, underscoring that safety and security remain their paramount concerns.